Thanks to the advanced and powerful Least Cost Router (LCR), all calls
are routed in the cheapest possible way, taking into consideration the call
time, provider’s prefixes and number of free minutes on the SIM cards.
HybridHUB ensures 100% control of your GSM calls. Thanks to its DialThru
function, HybridHUB routes calls either to GSM or PSTN choosing the
cheapest possible way. In this case, the HybridHUB gateway is installed
between the PBX and PSTN.
There are two main advantages of the DialThru function:
– no need to change the configuration of the PBX, the LCR is programmed
in the gateway
– no need of additional analog ports in the PBX, the existing lines are used.
Gateways to a World of Savings

A GSM gateway is a device for reducing the user’s costs when calling from fixed lines to GSM networks. In general, calling from the fixed to a mobile network is more expensive than calling between mobile networks, but a GSM gateway allows you to save the difference. All 2N GSM gateways also exist in a UMTS network version. A GSM gateway is a tool for:
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